Tattoo Eyebrows Aftercare


Immediately following your procedure, your technician will apply a layer of balm in order to protect your freshly opened layer of skin from debris and bacteria while you leave the office. Within a few hours, your skin will begin to regenerate itself, so there will be no need to reapply another layer of balm.

·       Keep a thin coat of A&D ointment around the clock for the next 7 days.

·       Wash with mild soap & water

·       Do not itch tattoo while healing

·       Do not pick dry skin

·       Avoid direct sunlight for 2 weeks

·       If any scabbing occurs do not pick or you will pull the color out of the skin and risk scaring.

·       Your eyebrows will be 60% darker right after

·       Trust the process, after a week your brows will be 40-60% lighter

·       If your eyebrows are lighter than intended, allow until after second touch up to create the ideal eyebrow color

·       Follow aftercare instructions for optimum results

·       Book your touch up in 30 days

Returning Client Touch up Policy

A 48-hour cancellation notice is required in order to not be charged an additional $50.00 to rebook another appointment. You must call, leave a voicemail, or send a text to (727)580-3558. If 15mins late to your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charge $50.00 to reschedule.