What to expect at my microblading appointment?


Step 1: We interview you.

After you book an appointment, we'll interview you about your makeup routine and lifestyle. Do you draw your brows on every day or only special occasions? Do you like bold, statement brows or softer, more subtle brows? Many clients have over-plucked in the past, and want a return to their signature look. During the interview, we'll work with you to customize your best brow.

Step 2: We draw your best brow

Once we determine your best brows, we'll sketch your new eyebrows directly on your face. During this step, we'll ask you to smile, laugh, and make different facial expressions. Our goal is to create beautiful brows that match the symmetry of your face. We'll help you find the perfect color and shape just for your face.

Step 3: We Numb your brows

A lot of clients ask us, "Does it hurt?" The answer is: Some say it can be a bit uncomfortable! That being said, most clients do not complain about any pain, and some even fall asleep during the process! Before microblading, we apply a topical anesthetic and wait 20 minutes to ensure you feel as little discomfort as possible. You can sit back, relax, and dream of having eyebrows in the shower... because it's all happening!

Step 4: Microblading Begins:

Once your eyebrows are numb, we begin microblading. This takes 30 minutes to an hour. Each hair stroke is meticulously hand drawn, matching the color and coarseness of your natural hair. Unlike traditional eyebrow tattoos, which use a machine, this process uses a microblade. That's why microblading is a form of art and requires an artists special touch and steady hand!

Step 5: We Reveal your new Eyebrows

And finally, the big reveal! After microblading is completed, we'll wipe away the excess ink and reveal your brand new eyebrows! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your eyebrows. No more stressful morning maintenance. No more eyebrows on your pillow. Just perfect brows every day, rain or shine, for up to 2 years!

A complimentary touch-up after 30 days is recommended and included in the original price.

Step 6: Say goodbye to drawing your eyebrows in the morning!

Our happy customers wake up to flawless brows, and we take great pride in that. Microblading changes lives! Check out our Instagram and Facebook for emotional eyebrow transformations, or check out our 5-star reviews on Yelp.


While microblading is great for most people, there are some people who are ineligible for microblading:


1. Those prone to keloids or post-inflammatory hypopigmentation. Unfortunately, since microblading punctures the skin as we add ink, we cannot work with clients with these conditions.

2. If you have a transmittable blood disease such as HIV or Hepatitis. Again, microblading artists cut the skin so it is our policy not to work with these conditions.

3. If you’ve had Juvederm or other fillers in that area. Depending on the timing, we recommend to get microblading first! Otherwise, check with your doctor. Many artists may request a note from your doctor first.

4. Patients undergoing chemotherapy. Although microblading is great for restoring eyebrows, we would require a doctor’s note in order to perform the procedure for anyone undergoing chemotherapy.

5. If you have any kind of skin condition on or near your eyebrows. This includes eczema, shingles, rashes, or anything else near eyebrows.

6. Children. Microblading is for adults only! We do not recommend microblading for anyone under the age of 18. It is our policy at Arts Of Attraction not to work with children, even with a consent form.


After Care

After your semi permanent makeup treatment, Color may appear darker immediately after treatment. Pigments usually scab after 5-10 days.

  • DO NOT scrub, pick, rub, wipe, scratch or cleanse the treated area. Use patting motion only, and allow the scab to flake off naturally.

  • DO NOT peel or pick at the scabbed area; this could cause pigment loss, scarring and delayed healing. Keep the area clean.

As the healing progresses, your color will soften to its true pigment. We recommend lightly rinsing your face and showering with low pressure water.

Keep the treated area DRY for 10 days. Avoid swimming, bathing, working out, or water directly on the treated area.

  • DO NOT swim in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water for 2 weeks.

  • DO NOT use any cosmetics over treated area while healing.

  • DO NOT use tanning beds during the healing period.

  • Avoid exfoliation creams and exposure to sun; this will cause color to fade.

  • Avoid strenuous activity for 7 days.

  • Use sunblock after healing to prevent fading.

  • Apply a small amount of A&D ointment twice a day (Vaseline or Petrolatum can also be used).

Failure to follow Aftercare may cause loss of pigment, discoloration or infection. So take good care of your microblading to get the most out of it.

Ready to discover microblading for yourself?

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